Paying for Cures Masterclass: Unlocking the true value of every treatment to improve outcomes for everyone

Want to know how you can help increase access to cutting-edge therapies – and fuel greater innovation? Join us on 4 July at a Central London venue for the second instalment of our Masterclass series, ‘Paying for Cures’, to get essential answers to urgent questions.
Breakthrough medical research is delivering new curative therapies that once seemed out of reach. But despite these significant steps forward, the therapeutic benefits remain unattainable for far too many patients. That’s capping both pharmaceutical revenues and the potential of future research & development.
The advent of cures is raising important questions about affordability and the long-term sustainability of health systems. Simply put, healthcare systems are not set up to pay for cures where the benefits may accrue over many decades.
So how can you help improve outcomes – for patients and industry alike?
Join us on 4 July for the next OHE Masterclass, ‘Paying for Cures’, to discuss:
How value assessment can be adapted to recognise the full value of a cure
How innovative financing mechanisms can help ensure that patients benefit from every exciting step forward
What solutions are acceptable and beneficial to both industry and payers
What lessons we’ve learned from recent experience in the UK and the rest of the world
Get access to exciting in-progress research. Put your questions to a panel of OHE and industry experts. And help us move the industry’s pricing frameworks forward – to improve the lives of patients everywhere.
This is a full day masterclass followed by a networking drinks reception until 19:00.
For more information and to book this event please follow this link. (the link is
Thursday, 4 July 2019