Outcomes Based Contracting Masterclass

Outcomes-based contracting, or OBC, could help accelerate patient access to new medicines and improve their affordability, by reducing upfront cost and tying payment to real-world patient outcomes.

Timely patient access to vital new treatments is under treat because payers and manufacturers increasingly struggle to agree a per-unit fixed drug price due to uncertainty regarding a drug’s real-world effectiveness and concerns about healthcare spending.

By linking a drug price to the outcomes achieved in real-world clinical practice, outcomes-based contracting can accelerate market access for new medicines, ensure close monitoring of patient benefit, and mitigate payer risk.

Outcomes-based contracts, however, are vastly more complex to design, agree on, implement and operate on a day-to-day basis than simple per-unit payments due to a host of conceptual, legal, regulatory, administrative and practical challenges. Moreover, their actual impact on patient access, outcomes and total costs of care is as yet poorly understood.

Therefore, OHE is bringing together global thought leaders on the economics, politics, and public policy of outcomes-based contracting to discuss this challenging and incredibly important topic on the 2 December at 116 Pall Mall, SW1Y 5ED.

Participants will gain a solid understanding of the fundamental economics of outcomes-based pricing, insight into how to make these a reality within the NHS and other healthcare systems, and evaluate their impact. We will be presenting, and encouraging delegate discussion of evidence to support the realisation of effective and efficient outcomes-based contracts.


Each event in our Masterclass Series provides a highly collaborative space guided by candid expert perspectives. During the event we encourage open discussion of the topic, and believe that through this we have the potential to unlock transformative insight and reveal solutions to the challenges we face every day.

As the world’s oldest and most well-respected health economic research institute, we’re uniquely placed to bring you the latest in research, expertise and real-world evidence, as well as first-hand advice from global thought leaders. Together we can improve decisions surrounding healthcare, and deliver better outcomes for patients, payers and industry.

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100% of previous attendees said that they would recommend our Masterclass events – here’s what they’ve said:

“Excellent exploration of a complex issue, with good balance of the theory and the practice.”              

“Overall a well-rounded course. The course provided an in-depth understanding of the challenge ahead of curative medicines."

"Highlighted all of the challenges and the various viewpoints. A realistic view of current and emerging situation.“

“I found the presentation and experience sharing from other companies, real life examples & cases really helpful.”

“Good networking opportunities which are always valuable"

This is a full day masterclass followed by a networking drinks reception until 19:00.




Monday, 2 December 2019