Indication Based Pricing Masterclass: Delivering the Win-Win

Join us for the Indication Based Pricing Masterclass: Delivering the Win-Win to discover a better way forward.
Today, 75% of oncology products have multiple indications. That means they could be part of an effective treatment plan for a variety of cancers.
Unfortunately, the lack of a value-based pricing mechanism is limiting access to innovative, essential medicines for patients in need.
As champions of the benefits of Indication Based Pricing (IBP), OHE is leading the way in IBP research. And now you can get all the latest IBP insights straight from the source. 
Unlock the potential of your portfolio by joining us for this interactive one-day masterclass.
Experts from OHE and global IBP advocates, AstraZeneca and IQVIA, will guide you through the marketing challenges and technical complexities that come with the promotion and implementation of IBP.
By the end, you’ll have a clear strategy for promoting informed advocacy within your organisation – and driving payer adoption.
Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with a critical industry issue – and put your pressing questions to leading voices in the IBP conversation. 
Together, we can promote a stronger, healthier future for pharmaceutical development, oncology professionals and patients alike.
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Wednesday, 20 March 2019