Exploring Value: Novel Elements for Breakthrough Treatment



Value assessments have become commonplace to help health systems ensure that healthcare expenditure is spent optimally. However, there is no common understanding of what constitutes value that adequately captures what matters most to patients, society, and payers.

This issue has been exacerbated by breakthrough treatments that offer new sources of value that are currently not considered by healthcare systems. Coherent value frameworks can shed the light on key benefits generated by innovative treatments and structure the dialogue around payers’ willingness to pay for them.

Join us for the first Masterclass of 2020 where OHE’s thought leaders and industry experts will discuss both established and novel elements of value including the practical and policy challenges facing companies advocating their adoption. The Masterclass will end by considering how these arguments resonate with payers and HTA decision makers, as well as how multi-dimensional value measurement could be incorporated into existing and future value assessment frameworks. 


Demonstrating Value: evolving with innovation explores this lively technical and policy debate where the evolving and sometimes challenging nature of innovative interventions is not always matched by value assessment paradigms applied by country decision makers.

Value assessments are necessary to ensure that healthcare expenditure is optimal but there is a need for a common understanding of what constitutes value, capturing what matters most to patients, society, and payers. The 2020 Masterclass Series will take attendees through the journey of exploring value from different perspectives and providing tools to identify consolidated and novel sources of value, and generate compelling evidence at different stages of the product life-cycle to demonstrate them.

Other Masterclasses in the Series

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100% of previous attendees said that they would recommend our Masterclass events – here’s what they’ve said:

“Excellent exploration of a complex issue, with good balance of the theory and the practice.”

“Overall a well-rounded course. The course provided an in-depth understanding of the challenge ahead of curative medicines."

"Highlighted all of the challenges and the various viewpoints. A realistic view of current and emerging situation."

“Very comprehensive deep dive into the issues and reason for OHE recommendations.”

“A very helpful event with some very high level experts covering subjects which could be difficult and contentious. Light into informational darkness.”


Each event in our Masterclass Series provides a highly collaborative space guided by candid expert perspectives. During the event we encourage open discussion of the topic, and believe that through this we have the potential to unlock transformative insight and reveal solutions to the challenges we face every day.

As the world’s oldest and most well-respected health economic research institute, we’re uniquely placed to bring you the latest in research, expertise and real-world evidence, as well as first-hand advice from global thought leaders. Together we can improve decisions surrounding healthcare, and deliver better outcomes for patients, payers and industry.

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Thursday, 24 September 2020