Health System Efficiency and Sustainability

May 2012

OHE Consulting was commissioned by Eli Lilly and Company’s Global Public Policy department to identify and analyse inefficiencies and bottlenecks that undermine health care system sustainability and potential policy solutions to tackle them. We focused on Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and UK.

We found that the focus of health care policy thinking is on: removing perverse incentives; filling gaps in information to payers, health care professionals and patients; more/better chronic disease management and better coordination of care, especially between primary and secondary care; and better compliance with good practice guidelines.

Our results confirm some of the key inefficiencies that have been discussed in the literature. Some differences across countries emerge, but there is considerable consensus, with a major focus on better integrated care, especially for chronic diseases. The findings imply a clear, high-level health care policy agenda for tackling health system inefficiency.

Our key findings were presented as a poster at the 9th HTAi Annual Meeting in 2012.

The content and posting of this case study have been explicitly approved by the client.

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