Health Services Data

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Health Services Activity and Workforce

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Table 4.1 Family Health Services workforce (GPs, pharmacists, dentists and opticians), UK, 1951 - 2011 PDF   XLS
General Medical Services
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Table 4.2 Number of general medical practitioners (GPs including registrars) in general practice, and per 100,000 population, by country, UK, 1985 - 2012 PDF  XLS
Table 4.3 Average patient list size of medical practitioners (excluding GP registrars and retainers) in general practice, by country, UK, 1964 - 2012 PDF   XLS
Table 4.4(a) Number of dispensing doctors by country, UK, 2000 – 2011 PDF   XLS
Table 4.4(b) Number of NHS prescription items dispensed by dispensing doctors by country, UK, 2000 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Table 4.5 Quality and Outcomes Framework indicators, 2013/14 PDF  XLS
Table 4.6 Average number of NHS GP consultations per person per year by age of patient; GB, 1975 – 2009 PDF   XLS
General Pharmaceutical Services
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Table 4.7 Estimated total NHS expenditure on pharmaceuticals at manufacturers' prices, UK, 1969 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Table 4.8 Number of community pharmacies and appliance contractors, and number of prescription items dispensed per pharmacy, by country, UK, 2000 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Figure 4.1 Proportion of NHS prescriptions exempt from the prescription charge, England, 1984 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Table 4.9 Number of NHS prescriptions (based on fees) dispensed by community pharmacists and appliance contractors and per capita, UK, 1948 - 2012 PDF   XLS
Table 4.10 Total cost of NHS prescriptions dispensed, UK, 1948 – 2012 PDF   XLS
Table 4.11 Number and net ingredient cost (NIC) of prescriptions by therapeutic group, UK, 2001 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Figure 4.2 Market share of branded and generic prescription items dispensed by community pharmacists, England, 1949 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Figure 4.3 Relationship between generic prescribing and generic dispensing, England, 2011 PDF   XLS
General Dental Services
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Figure 4.4 Patient dental charges and as a percentage of the gross cost of General Dental Services (GDS), UK, 1951/52 - 2010/11 PDF   XLS
Table 4.12 Number of NHS dental practitioners, UK, 1951 - 2011 PDF   XLS
Figure 4.5 Courses of dental treatment and per 1,000 people, UK, 1951 - 2011/12 PDF   XLS
General Ophthalmic Services
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Table 4.13 Number of opticians and per 100,000 population, UK, 1949 - 2011/12 PDF   XLS
Figure 4.6 Numbers of NHS sight tests and pairs of glasses supplied per 1,000 population, UK, 1965 - 2010/11 PDF   XLS