About Us

OHE's Health Statistics and Information (OHESI) team has been providing comprehensive, reliable data on health and health care in the UK and outside since 1974.

In addition to providing raw data, the team offers consulting services as part of OHE Consulting. This includes both input into the team's broader projects and specialised, in-depth statistical analyses that are based on OHESI data and include any additional data required.

  • Fraser Lewis

    Fraser Lewis

    Head of Statistics

    Fraser's principal areas of expertise are in statistical modelling of data from biomedical studies. His particular interests include methods of analyzing data from observational studies and graphical multivariate modelling.

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  • Lesley Baillie

    Lesley Cockcroft

    Assistant Statistician

    Lesley assists in the preparation and production of the OHE's health statistics website and publication by collecting and collating up-to-date material.

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  • Phill O'Neill

    Phill O’Neill

    Head of Information and Analysis

    Phill's research interests include the economics of the pharmaceutical market, the productivity and outputs of NICE, and benchmarking industry performance.

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  • Olivia Reed

    Olivia Reed

    Data Analyst

    Olivia provides data collection and analysis for OHE's expanding portfolio of projects.

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