Health Statistics

OHE Health Statistics and information (OHESI) is the one-stop source for health statistics and data on population and health trends in the UK, and on the changing finances and structure of the NHS. Data are collected and consolidated from a range of public and private sources, including some international data for comparisons. 

This new website replaces the i-Compendium website and publication. All data now are available on this website, free of charge.

OHE Health Statistics and Information serviceThe health statistics and other data included fall into four categories.

  • Population, mortality, morbidity and lifestyle
  • UK health care expenditure and cost of the NHS
  • Hospital services and workforce
  • Family health services

The OHE Guide to UK Health and Health Care Statistics, now available, includes some of the same data as well as background information, key sources, issues and selected methods.

OHESI also provides consultancy services focused on health statistics and information, providing in-depth analyses that include additional data as required. We also publish papers and reports on specific topics such as population aging and trends in the NHS over time.