Consulting Reports

Many of the studies OHE Consulting performs are proprietary and the results are not released publicly. Studies of interest to a wide audience, however, may be made available, in whole or in part, with the client’s permission. They may be published by OHE alone, jointly with the client, or externally in scholarly publications.

The following examples of recent OHE Consulting projects are limited to those with publicly available materials that may be downloaded from this website.  For a full list, please see the 'Consulting Report' category in the Publications section.

  • International Price Comparisons: 2011 Indices

    Since 1996, in its yearly PPRS Report to Parliament, the Department of Health in England has published international price comparisons of branded medicines used in the primary care setting. OHE Consulting uses the same methodology in this report to update comparisons through 2011.

  • The Many Faces of Innovation

    This report commissioned by the ABPI provides a clear explanation of the nature of innovation in medicines.  A fully revised and expanded version of the 2005 edition, it updates the literature review of the economics of innovation, traces important innovation that has occurred since 2005, adds new case studies and updates the discussion of competition in pharmaceutical R&D.

  • Health and the Use of Medicines in Primary Care in Wales

    This report commissioned by the ABPI in Wales examines and suggests reason for observable trends in the use of medicines in primary care in Wales since 2000, compared to the other countries of the UK. Key findings include that Wales has a greater number of prescriptions per person and has experienced a more rapid increase in the number of prescriptions per person. Spending on medicines in Wales has decreased, however, and at a faster rate than elsewhere in the UK. At the same time, Wales lags behind England in the uptake of new medicines that have received positive appraisals from NICE or from the AWSG.

  • R&D Incentives to Encourage the Development of New Antibiotics

    The focus of this research was to help identify incentives that might encourage additional R&D for new antibiotics. As part of the project, OHE participated in two key meetings in 2009 and 2010 that were organised by the Swedish government to focus on this issue. The initiative was begun under the auspices of the Swedish EU Presidency. 

    OHE was commissioned to write a ‘white paper’ to contribute to the discussion. We developed a short list of practical solutions about stimulating R&D on antibiotics in Europe for use by policy makers and other stakeholders. This included estimating how large the incentives would need to be to make the expected net present value of antibiotic development more competitive with other therapeutic classes.

  • The Role of HTA in Emerging Markets

    This report examines and makes suggestions for the appropriate use of health technology assessment (HTA) in emerging markets. In particulary, it considers how the stage of development of the health care system affects the relevance and appropriate use of various types of HTA. The approach developed then is used to analyse the options for Brazil, China and Taiwan.

  • The Impact of Orphan Medicinal Products on the European Economy and Society

    This project collected and examined evidence to assess the impact of orphan medicinal products on the European economy and society. This study collected data on several indicators of activity, performed a survey of companies developing orphan products, completed four case studies and undertook a literature review. The result is a rich tableau of data and information that describe the effects of the EU’s Orphan Medicinal Products Regulation in detail.

  • Bariatric Surgery and the Cost of Obesity in England

    Obesity is an increasing health problem in England, contributing substantially to health care costs. NICE’s 2006 stepwise guidelines for preventing and managing overweight and obesity recommend bariatric surgery for a specific subset of patients. OHE was commissioned to examine the current provision of bariatric surgery in England and estimate the cost savings that would be produced if NICE guidance was followed more closely.

    The project included surveying Primary Care Trusts about current practice, a literature review of the indirect costs of obesity, and the development of a model that combines the NICE costing guidelines with other costs and benefits identified in the literature.

  • Relative Efficacy/Effectivenes of Medicines Across Europe

    In the European Union, discussions continue about the feasibility and desirability of a pan-European assessment of relative efficacy/relative effectiveness. This report delves into the existing sparse literature on this topic, exploring variations across Member States and reviewing how such evaluations are both developed and applied in decision-making. It also outlines the key opportunities and challenges that a pan-European approach would present for the pharmaceutical industry.